[Read a recent interview with Marissa to learn more about her work as a poet.]

Marissa Glover shares her thoughts more than necessary, which she considers a form of charitable giving. If it counted as a tax deduction, she’d be rich.

An editor and writer for various companies since 1999, Marissa now teaches writing as full-time faculty at Saint Leo University.

Marissa is also the founder and host of Friday Night Open Mic (follow on Twitter and subscribe to our YouTube channel), a local creative event held four times during the school year. Performers (song, dance, instrument, stand-up comedy, poetry, storytelling…) interested in taking the stage should email Marissa at contactFNOM@gmail.com.

A proud graduate of Mercer University and the University of South Florida, Marissa does freelance work when time allows; clients interested in hiring her as a writer, proofreader, or editor can email her at marissaglover@outlook.com.

This site is intended as a place for Marissa to keep track of her published work and for readers to find more of her writing.  Her work has appeared in assorted print and online journals, books, and websites, but her best work has always been on her parents’ refrigerator.